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Sort of realistic space battlecruiser 2 by Do-Mo Sort of realistic space battlecruiser 2 by Do-Mo
Drift mode, crew sections folded out and mid spin, radiators deployed, guns folded in.

Saturn Defense Force long range battle cruiser Siegfried.
Length: 294m
Height 76m: (100m with centrifuge deployed)
Width 88m: (100m with centrifuge deployed)
Dry mass: 60 000 tons
Full load: 85 000 tons
Complement: 280
2x 1500mm Gauss Gun
32x 4m point defense missiles
96x 6m medium range missiles
40x 13,5m long range missiles
Main engine: Inertial confinement fusion
Thrust: 76,5 MN
Fuel: He-3 - D
Fuel supply: 7 300 tons
Mass flow: 8kg/s
Acceleration while fully loaded: 0,9 m/s
Maximum acceleration: 1,27 m/s
Delta-v: 853 km/s
Low weight Delta-v: 1075 km/s
Methane - Oxygen chemical rockets
Support vessels carried
2x Euphonium
4x Harp

Owned and built by union of Saturn moons, Siegfried was made to be speedy and with enough supplies to ensure high endurance on long missions. Its common missions include long range patrols, anti piracy and force projection.

On its own, it is a powerful warship with plenty of long and medium range weaponry, coupled with layered sensor suite capable of maximizing offensive and defensive potentials. While not lacking in short range close-in weapons, in fleet actions, it works best when accompanied with smaller point defense ships. To reduce overall weight, heavy armor is not used, instead spaced armor provides last layer of defense, with explosive reactive armor used on the most crucial sections. Higher priority was placed in avoiding direct impacts altogether, with missile defense systems, ecm jammers, chaff launchers and, for a ship of that size, surprisingly high maneuverability. All in all Siegfried is one of the most advanced and powerful warships within the solar system, capable of holding its own in all but the most extreme situations.

Crew sections are placed on gimbals which orient depending on current conditions, to provide a sense of gravity at all times, and to protect the crew, while in combat. Large amounts of supplies are carried in external storage units which can be easily replaced or cast away, making resupplying a simple matter. Crew life quality is set to a high degree, to maintain good moral and high performance. To provide additional flexibility, 6 smaller support ships are carried, 2 externally mounted Euphonium class multipurpose utility vessels, and 4 internally carried Harp class "bug ships" used primarily for cargo and material transport. Heat control is mostly maintained with large liquid droplet radiators, however passive radiators are also added, placed along crew sections, they serve some purpose as whipple shields. Large amounts of excess coolants are carried whenever possible, which can be expelled to provide a quick temperature drop, should the situation call for it.

Siegfried and others of her class are a costly investment which makes them a rare sight, nevertheless they are highly capable multipurpose warships, capable of independent missions, as well as fleet and strike group actions. Because of its massive sensor units, and internal installations, it is capable of being a command ship.
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